NORDIC ESCAPE is a mountain biking race in beautiful fjord landscape with focus on panorama fjord/mountain views and varied terrain. The prologue is presented as an exciting, short city mountain bike race with build in obstacles. To endure and enjoy the following 3 days NORDIC ESCAPE riders require a high level of fitness and stamina as well as advanced mountain biking skills. A NORDIC ESCAPE rider has to know how to set the pace so that their legs don’t tire too early. The level of difficulty is usually between S1 and S2, in some cases S0. For detailed information click here.

Riders require a high level of fitness and stamina to ride distances between 40 and 70 km and climb uphills between 1’300 and 1’800 over 4 days in a row. 

The landscape of “Sunnmøre Alps” is rich and varied. Combined with the city mountain bike race prologue, this race offers varied terrain where versatility and fun are in the focus. Good bike handling skills are required as per maraton (XCM) / cross-country (XC) style terrain.

It is also important to be prepared for different weather conditions and temperatures from 0° to +25° Celsius. A helmet and gloves are compulsory and the use of non-slip shoes is recommended for a few walking passages where you have to carry your bike.

To take part in the NORDIC ESCAPE race, impeccable mountain bike equipment is essential. The organisers recommend a lightweight full suspension mountain bike with a travel of 120mm, disc brakes with a disc diameter of 180mm or more and sturdy all-weather tyres. Furthermore we recommend hydraulic seat posts – it makes your life easier on the descents and increases the fun factor dramatically.


For advanced, technical racers: The SCOTT Spark RC series. This cross-country bike has 100mm travel, is light in weight, a fixed seat position and typically 29er wheel size. The idea for advanced technical racers is to have one bike to do anything from racing to trail.


For advanced riders looking for increased, safety and more comfort and fun especially on descends: SCOTT Spark series. These cross country/trail bikes have 120mm travel, hydraulic seat posts and come in either 29er or 27.5 wheel size.