Refund policy

Ensure that you fully read and understand the following policy regarding all refunds, transfers and cancellations

I (we) the registrant(s) understand that in the event that the race is cancelled or postponed as a result of (and not limited to) an act of God, Natural Disaster (including but not limited to forest fires however caused, earthquakes, storms, and floods) war, strike, revolution, laws or interventions or actions of statutory bodies, major accidents during the race, or other such causes, the Nordic Escape event organizers will make every effort to reschedule the race to a later date of their choosing. If the registrant can not make the rescheduled date, the registrant acknowledges that NO REFUND or CREDIT to future races will be granted.

Race closure or course alteration: no refund or credit should be offered if a race stage(s) is cancelled or postponed or rerouted or shortened after the race has begun.

Team entries are fully transferable.
No Deferrals under ANY circumstances.

Refunds are available until May 19, 2018 at 75% of entry fee
Refunds are available until June 19, 2018 at 50% of entry fee
No refunds after July 19, 2018. No exceptions.