Joko Vogel

Co-founder of SWISS EPIC a leading Mountain bike stage race in Switzerland. Co-founder and -organiser of the worlds largest ultra-cycling event TORTOUR.

Carsten Torbergsen

CEO and Co-founder of NORDIC ESCAPE AS. 10 years experience from leadership positions in the maritime- and retail industry.

Siyanda Mthethwa

COO and Co-founder of NORDIC ESCAPE AS. Participated in various Mountain bike stage races and triathlons.

Harald Aksnes Lervik

Serial entrepreneur, businessman and chairman for several companies within sports industry.

“Norway’s beautiful nature and its combination of mountains and fjords is unique. Mountainbike as a sport is expanding and represents one of the fastest growing segments within global adventure travel. With Nordic Escape, we are combining these elements into a spectacular event, which on a yearly basis shall attract mountain bikers, fans and tourists from all over the world to come to the Nordics”

– Carsten and Siyanda’s motivation as founders behind Nordic Escape